Come for a walk...

....from Karaköy Fish Market through Sultanahmet to Küçük Aya Sofia. Wander down the small streets of Kumkapı past the Hamam cat and up the hill through the cobbler's workshops to Beyazit (the home of the Grand Bazaar). So much of what you see will be gone or altered a few years from now.

Küçük Aya Sofia

Window in Kumkapı

Balcony in Kumkapı

Hamam Cat

Shoe-makers district.

Leather pieces for shoe making.

Anton and Faffa in Küçük Aya Sofia

Shady courtyard


Seen from Karaköy Fish Market

Hold my hand, Faffa

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2 thoughts on “Come for a walk...

  1. Julia, I just love your pictures! It is wonderful to get such a personal view of place that I will likely never visit. The flower pot pictures are my favorite today. Also love the perspective of the kitty shot.

  2. Just stunning... love your ideas what gives a good photo! Your taste is awesome!


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