Things to Do with Kids in Istanbul: Maçka Park Teleferik.

Despite the visit to the Pierre Loti teleferik Anton's thoughts were completely dominated by the well-being of the teleferiks of Maçka Park. So when Ville sent us a text, having discovered on his way to work that they were up and moving again, we set off to check them for ourselves. Anton was an absolute bundle of excitement when he saw for himself that the teleferiks were back in action.

If you are on holiday in Istanbul this short ride with views through cloudy perspex does not belong on your itinerary, though it will delight your kids if they get to ride it on the way somewhere else. For us living here though, the teleferik is a cheap and exciting little excursion. If you are in Taksim's Gezi Park walk past the dolphin fountain and onto the bridge over the road next to the Divan hotel. This bridge is a perfect toddler car-watching hangout, though its safer if you can persuade them to stay in a pushchair. Two minutes further is a decent playground, though you might have to step over sleeping dogs if you get there early. From the playground walk to the end of the Taksim Residence buildings and down the steep cobbled path. From the bottom you can see the teleferik. This little trip is a great way to entertain a toddler if you need to get away from the Taksim crowds for an hour or so, and if you see us say hello.

Heading for the teleferik.

Teleferik across Maçka Park.

Cloudy perspex windows.

We'll come again soon Anton.

Telling Daddy all about it.

Hey Neve.

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3 thoughts on “Things to Do with Kids in Istanbul: Maçka Park Teleferik.

  1. Cool shots! I love the one from inside the gondola. Looks like a fine way to entertain a toddler if you ask me!

  2. I would love nothing more than to bump into you in Istanbul!
    And take a telerific ride, and a ferry across the Bosphorus, and visit the grand bazaar, and the blue mosque, and have gozleme for lunch and yogurtlu Iskender kebap for dinner and tavuk gogsu for desert......
    Maybe someday!

  3. Tarnya, you must have been here or at least know someone Turkish! A parent?? If you ever come we have to get Anton and Thomas together (and I would love to talk to you). And I am getting to be an expert on what makes little ones smile (or in Anton's case flap around in excitement) in this city.


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