Saturday Morning at Ihlamur Kasrı.

We had breakfast in Ihlamur Kasrı park in Beşiktaş and then spent a good part of the day just sitting around there. Of course, for Anton this place, like every other, is really just roadways and obstacle courses for his cars. And Neve just wants to eat everything. When Anton began to get bored we managed another hour by letting him stand near enough to the gates to watch the traffic!

Breakfast in the park

Ville and Neve

Anton and Neve

Neve and the grass

Lamp post and Elephant Grass

Anton driving cars off the palace steps

Can I, can I?


Traffic happy

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning at Ihlamur Kasrı.

  1. Anonymous17:52

    Oh I love those two photos with the toy cars! Gotta love little boys :-P

  2. Gorgeous pictures... sleeping Neve is adorable and the siblings in grass even more!


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