We have one mirror in our house, this one. This does mean that my pregnancy padding only has to be seen a bit at a time, and Ville has his own up and down relationship with his reflection, so it suits him fine. This mirror usually lives in the bathroom, like the circular mirror that reflected my childhood changes back at me. Today I got the mirror down so Anton and Neve could look at themselves in it. It was a joy to see their pure pleasure in what they saw. I hope they always enjoy what faces them in mirrors.

mirror monkey

mirror mirror

just love you two

where is she?

imperfect perfect


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3 thoughts on “Mirror.

  1. Oh how I love these! Especially the third and the look on your older one's face as he eyes his silly baby's tongue :)

  2. These pics are so incredibly cute! Your babies are so beautiful and Anton´s big smile is adorable!

    And the tongue out.... awwww!

  3. These are so sweet, Julia. I just took some pictures last week of my little one in front of the mirror too. I put it on the floor to entertain her while I was reading to my son, and it was so cute to see her reaction that I ran and grabbed my camera. I'm pretty sure she thought it was another baby to play with! When I get caught up on my blog eventually it will be there. :-)


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