Little Victory

Yesterday Anton turned three. On the 30th of August in Turkey there is a public holiday for Victory Day, which meant we had Ville home with us. So in the morning Anton and I took a walk, just us two. It is shocking how little this can happen now, when we used to spend so much time just pottering about together. It was wonderful, a relief to both of us to go at his pace. There is a film crew on the Island (making a low budget, historical soap opera I think) and so it was a very rare chance for Anton to see a convoy of cars. In the final picture he is poised waiting for it to drive down the street, and very happy.

Anton reaching tendrils.

Anton running to me.

Birthday Boy.

Palm tree shadow stripes.

In wait for cars.

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3 thoughts on “Little Victory

  1. The luxury of a one to one can only be appreciated by a bussy parent who loves all her children equally and often feels like walking in sticky porridge, trying to accommodate all. I am glad you and Anton had this birthdaytreat. I can also imagine Antons delight in all the cars. A positive experience than, this day. May it be looked forever in the cherished memorystore for the future, love Mum

  2. Look at those beautiful eyes! Happy birthday Anton!

  3. what a gorgeous adventure and what a stunning place you are living in! will have to explore your blog a bit more to find out what you are doing there :)


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