We went to Turku today (known as Åbo to Swedish speaking Finns) and headed straight to the library. In Turkey we don't have a local library, which is something I really miss. It's not such a problem for Ville and I who are happy with our Kindles, and the possibility to get whatever we want, despite bookshops in Turkey not having a vast range. But its great to make an afternoon out of children's books. The library in Turku is fantastic. It is housed in a stunning modern building, and looking around today it's clear that the facilities are bringing in people of all ages. I was so impressed by the range of foreign language books for kids. Having fun places to sit really appealed to Matti and Anton, and I love to see the kids focused on a story. I think the amount of travel has taken its toll on Anton a bit over the last few days, and an afternoon of books felt like a very good thing to do.

Turku Library children's section.

Anton and I at the library.

Books in many languages.



Neve's first library visit.

The new library building.

Intent on the story.

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2 thoughts on “Storytime.

  1. It must have been so fun for them to visit the library since you guys don't have one! I loved going to the library when I was a child, so many good memories!

  2. That's such a neat library! I hope (and it looks like) they had a wonderful time. Story time at our library happens right in the middle of nap time. One day I'll get there too!


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