Clean and Fresh

As there is no running water in Ville's parent's summer house in the Finnish countryside when you want to get clean you either have a sauna or sit in the tin tub on the terrace. Matti and Anton enjoyed this so much that they had very wrinkly fingers by the time they got out!

Anton and Matti in the tin tub.

Anton washing Matti.

The boys washing each other.

Very wrinkly fingers.

I didn't manage to get a picture of Neve in the tub because I was washing her, so Ville took a picture.

Julia washing Neve.

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5 thoughts on “Clean and Fresh

  1. Oh magical! Sounds lovely:)

  2. That does sound like a pretty blissful way for a kid to bathe! Oh those chubby little baby arms of Neve's are just too, too cute. I'm loving all your Finnish photos, it looks like such a beautiful place to be.

  3. Rub-a-dub-dub, two boys in a tub. :-) Love that third picture!

  4. Yes... these little tubs are so old-fashioned and sweet! Love the baby in the tub... gorgeous!

  5. This does look so magical and sweet! I too noticed Neve's beautiful chubby arms, they're wonderful.


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