Baby-wearing Neve is just about my favorite thing in the world right now. I really want to capture how it feels to have her face so close to mine while she sleeps but, of course, her proximity also makes it difficult to do (never mind my lack of technical skills). Nevertheless this is definitely the kind of thing I want to hold onto for ever.

Today, on the forth day of this project, Anton told me to 'stop doing pictures of me'. So for today's picture I hid behind a wall. I am not giving up though. Tomorrow's post will be late because our flight back to Turkey on Friday is so early that we will have to stay in a hotel overnight. We are off to Finland next Thursday, so there may be one or two departure lounge pictures coming up!

Neve asleep in her ErgoBaby.

Anton playing with cars on the white bench.

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3 thoughts on “336/4

  1. These two babies are gorgeous... I love the b/w pictures a lot! There are never enough Baby sleeping pictures and unobserverd toddlers are not less cute!

  2. I sometimes have to hide from my boy too, or sneak a photo when he least expects it. I figure one day he will appreciate it... Your kids are so lovely. Have a good journey!

  3. My 4 year old has requested numerous times that I not take pictures of her. Good job capturing one of Anton anyway. :)


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