Perfect Pazar

One of the great things about living in Turkey is the abundance of fruit and vegetables. Being used to buying a couple of peppers presented in cellophane in the UK, I am still pinching myself at being able to fill a carrier bag for less money. All summer I eat bowls of cherries and apricots. Wednesday is market day on Heybeliada and early in the morning, and even the night before, the stall holders arrive on boats laden with produce. Here are just a few photos of our trip to the market today. I didn't manage to spend long taking pictures because Anton was anxious to get away from any potential cheek pinchers but the vegetables are beautiful anyway.

Thin green peppers.


Market stall at Heybeliada market.


Vegetable heaven!

Garlic, round courgettes and cherry tomatoes.

Hot peppers.

Wet salad.

Layers of salad.


Decisions, decisions.

Tempting shoes.

Hiding from the heat.

Stall holders.

Dry goods.

Ville, Anton and Neve in the ErgoBaby.

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