We have just organised a trip to Finland to see Ville's parents and other family members. I had a look through pictures from previous visits and decided to share a few. Its such a beautiful place. I often look at these when Istanbul seems a bit (just a bit!) too big.

Matti looking at art book.

Runsala (Ruissalo), archipelago outside Åbo (Turku)

Maritime map showing a part of the archipelago of Åbo

Anton in a barn

Ville's parents' summer house in Kimito (Kemiö)

Anton outside the summer house

Anton sleeping in the summer house with Kidde the cat

Anton and Kidde having a talk

Anton in the garden of the summer house

Ville and Anton in Acke's and Laura's boat

Ville, Matti and Faffa at breakfast

Ville's parents' summer house in the evening

View of the garden from the porch

Family gathering with salmon

Julia and Anton.

Faffa's domain. Swimming in Förby (Särkisalo)

The garden at the summer house

Cousins Matti and Felix swimming

Matti in green wheat field.

Anton sleeping in Faffa's and Fammo's house in Åbo (Turku)

Bathing house in Runsala (Ruissalo)

Preparing to swim.

Archipelago boat going past in Runsala (Ruissalo)

Kidde and Anton at the summer house

Klosterbacken (Luostarinmäki) The handicraft museum of Åbo (Turku)

Ville and Anton at the summer house

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